Are bulk bags recyclable?

Yes, most bulk bags are made from virgin polypropylene so if they can’t be re-used they can be granulated and made into other plastic products.

Are bulk bags traceable?

Bulk bags are traceable by unique numbers printed on the safety label on each bulk bag, these refer back to when and were the bulk bag has been manufactured.

Are bulk bags watertight?

No, as the fabric is made from a woven material the bag is not waterproof only water resistant, however the use of an internal liner works best in many typical applications thou this is still not 100% waterproof. The difference between using a coating/lamination or using a liner is the amount of moisture that you are trying to keep out of a product.

Can a bulk bag be re-used?

Yes bulk bags can be re-used, as long as care is taken with them, they are free from tears, the 4 lifting loops are still intact. If bulk bags are treated properly you can get many uses out of them.

Can a crane lift a bulk bag?

Yes, but you must make sure you have the correct lifting straps attached to the bag which are specifically designed to be lifted via a crane.

Can bulk bags be stored outdoors?

Yes they can, but over time will degrade as a result of uv exposure, standard bulk bags are treated at the manufacturing stage with a uv inhibitor to resist uv rays for approximately 1500 hrs., although uv rays vary in strength depending on time of year and were you are situated around the globe.

Can bulk bags have liners?

Bulk bags can have various types of liners depending on the application they are used for with the main two being tube liners or form fit liners either attached to the inside of the bag or loose.

Can you print on a bulk bag?

Bulk bags can be printed, typically on 2 sides with 1 colour although it is down to customer requirements, we also have the capabilities to put on a company logo or picture if required. There is a minimum run of 700 pcs and a lead time of 12 weeks.

Do you have cheap bulk bags?

It depends on how cheap you are, in this life you get what you pay for.

Do you sell used bags?

Yes although the used bags we supply are very clean and not cheap.

How do you empty a bulk bag?

Bulk bags are normally emptied via a discharge spout which is attached to the bottom if the bag, discharge spouts can be customized based on the users needs, always take care when discharging any product out of a bulk bag.

How much do bulk bags costs?

Bulk bags vary on cost as there are a few factors that you have to take into consideration, quantities, type of bulk bag, and the price of petroleum as the product is made from pp. resin which is made from petroleum, the price fluctuates with the crude oil market, which as we know the price is mostly likely to rise in years to come.

How soon can I have my bulk bags?

Most of the time we have the bags in stock and you would be looking at a two working day delivery with next day an optional extra, if it is a custom made printed bulk bag it can be up to 14 weeks lead time.

Is the fabric breathable?

As the bulk bag is made from woven polypropylene it is breathable, for applications that need a great deal more breathability you can get ventilated sides in bulk bags normally supplied to the logging industries.

What are bulk bags made from?

Bulk bags are usually made from virgin polypropylene which is a petroleum based product, Polypropylene is made from extruded polypropylene resin which in turn is made from petroleum feedstock’s, so as oil rises in price so does the price of the raw materials.

What are lifting loops?

Lifting loops are normally attached to the 4 corners of the bag, allowing a flt to lift the bag, there are a variety of ways and designs you can have your loops which best suit the application of the user.

What are sleeves?

Sleeves are a tube of polypropylene fabric which is attached to the side of the bag near the top which allows the flt driver to lift the bag without leaving the comfort of their truck. Normally used on aggregate bags you pay slightly more but save on time loading/unloading.

What does coating mean?

A coating on a bag is used to try and keep as much moisture out of the product as possible. A typical type of coating is about 1 millimetre thick and is normally heated polypropylene laminated to the inside of the bag, the coating only provides a water resistant barrier to protect the product it is not waterproof. The use of an internal liner works better in many applications if you need something more water resistant.

What does swl mean?

Swl is an abbreviation of safe working load,swl is what the bag is rated and tested to hold safely, typically between 500kg and 2000kg with most bags it is normally 1000kg.

What is a bulk bag?

A bulk bag is a large heavy duty bag used for transporting free flowing dry products,scrap metal and various waste items that need to be transported in bulk safely.They are normally made from woven polypropylene with standard base dimensions of 90cm x 90cm or 1m x 1m and a variable height ranging from 87cm up to 2m tall depending on users needs and suitability. Bulk bags typically hold 500kg up to 2000kg of product. They can be lifted by the 4 lifting loops attached to the bag or can be placed onto a pallet.

What is a quad/baffle bag?

Some bulk bags are referred to as baffle bags or more widely known as quad bags, baffle refers to a piece of fabric that is sown into the inside corners of the bag to maintain its cube shape after filling. The baffles have holes that allows the product to flow freely through them, the baffles stop the bag from bulging/sagging and allow the bags to stand up straight for more efficient use in tight spaces, i.e. loading into containers.

What is a skirt/duffel top?

People often refer to this as a duffel top which is typically a 30” high skirt that is attached to the top of the bulk bag, this option allows the user full access to the product but allows you to close the top once the bag is full.

What is a UN certificate?

A UN certificate is a test certificate carried out by an independent testing house that has put that particular type of bulk bag through a varied set of rigorous tests.

What is a valve top bulk bag?

A standard valve top is situated at the top centre of the bag and is normally 15” in diameter and 19” long. This allows for a filling application minimizing dust occurrences or when you need a tight fit onto an extraction mechanism.

What is an open top bulk bag?

An open top is basically a bag without a top closure, leaving the product exposed.

What is the difference with fabric weights?

Fabric weights are related to which product the bulk bag will be holding, usually the swl of the bulk bag will determine what type of fabric to use.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order is as little as you like although carriage charges will apply, we mostly bale our bulk bags in lots of 75 and 100 pcs at a time.

What size bulk bag do I need?

In order to determine the size of bulk bag to suit your needs you will have to consider the bulk density of your product, filling and discharge requirements, transport and storage requirements, we are always on hand to give you advice.

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